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Administrative Account and Firewall Access Requests

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    1  Purpose

    The University maintains several databases, applications and systems that contain or have access to private, sensitive and/or confidential information. To ensure that the information maintained within these systems remain secure, users should be granted access to these systems on a need to have basis only. That is, users should be granted access to a system only if that access is required for the performance of their job role and the level of access does not exceed that which will be necessary for the performance of that job role. Please contact the Information Security Officer (security@tulane.edu) if you require further information.

    2  Service Level Agreement

    Technology Services will endeavor to process account requests within one business day of receipt. However, please note that during busy periods and depending on staff availability, it can take up to three business days to process some account requests. 

    3  Account Request Procedures

    The following procedures should be followed when requesting for access to the following specific systems:

    3.1  Affiliate Account Request Form

    To request an affliate Email/LDAP account download and complete the account request form Affiliate Account Request Form

    3.2  Banner, BDS, BRM, Datastore or TAMS Account Requests

    Please visit https://tulane.service-now.com to request Banner, BDS, BRM, Datastore or TAMS  accounts. Log in to the Service Catalog with your Tulane University credentials and click on the ‘Accounts’ link under ‘Order Things’. Order the account you or your employee needs access to by selecting the respective account. Complete all required fields on the online form. The account request must be approved by your department head before it will be created. You must also agree to the confidentiality statements, either found on the form or through email sent from Service-Now. Please contact the Technical Support and Network Operations Center (TSNOC) if you have any questions regarding ordering accounts through the Service catalog. The TSNOC can be reached at:
    Uptown: (504) 862-8888 or ext. 8888
    Downtown: (504) 988-8888 or ext. 8-8888
    Toll Free: (866) 276-1428

    4  Firewall Access Requests





    Confidentiality Statement


    In the course of my employment with Tulane University, I will have access to personally identifiable information (PII).  I certify that I will take all appropriate measures to ensure that all PII in my possession will be protected from access by unauthorized individuals. I certify that I will not discuss PII with anyone internal or external to Tulane at any time.  I certify that I will not store PII on a local workstation, laptop, floppy disk, CD or DVD, personal digital assistant (PDA), Smartphone, USB flash drive, or any other portable storage device.  I also certify that I will not transmit PII without encryption.



    Applicant Authorization

    I have reviewed the FERPA notice posted on the website of Tulane University’s General Counsel Office (http://registrar.tulane.edu/FERPA_Policy/) and I agree to abide by those regulations with regard to the release of records. I have completed Banner orientation by reviewing the four orientation training videos.

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