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Locally Administered Server Policy

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    1  Introduction

    Technology Services recognizes the educational value of administering one's own server, supporting these activities by providing a backbone network on which these servers may reside and basic support for IP configuration of the servers. The privilege of running a local server entails a great responsibility however for both content on and security of the server.

    2  Scope

    This policy defines the essential rules regarding the management and maintenance of departmental servers atTulane University. It applies to all servers owned, rented, leased, or otherwise controlled by Tulane University faculty, staff and other affiliates.

    3  Policy Statement

    Anyone who wishes to administer a server connected to Tulane’s network must sign a release form that certifies the following:

    1. The server is being used for educational purposes only; servers operated for a profit are explicitly not permitted under Tulane University policy.
    2. The individual who administers the server has a sound knowledge of server security and is responsible for securing the server.
    3. The administrator is responsible for content on the server. The content must comply with all copyright laws, and all relevant University policies.

    In addition to signing a statement, that affirms the above three statements, the administrator must have knowledge of the following conditions:

    1. Before a server can be put into service, a network security scan is required for the purposes of identifying known vulnerabilities. A server that poses a threat to the University’s systems and networks will not be allowed to connect to the Tulane University Network.
    2. The server attached to the Tulane University network will be subject to frequent, in-depth security scans.

    The administrator must provide a contact name and cell phone phone number before the server is allowed to obtain an IP address from the DHCP server. Technology Services staff will not enable network support for the server until obtaining a complete server registration form.

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